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Finally! My other Tales of Vesperia figure-set arrived!

Actually, that had been last week, but since I have been home (where it's bad with the internet without a real computer) and had to get it from [livejournal.com profile] sailorriceball first, I'm writing about it now. Had other stuff to do or not to do^^;

Laziness is talking there.

At least I made pictures before driving back here. Heh.

It's not even the only stuff I got.... but anyway~

There~ My second set and I really got everyone~

Too bad I didn't get a second Raven, because [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos would have liked one, especially as a reference for cosplay. So I had to bring my Raven here. Hm... No good pictures of them being closer, because... My light in the room I made the fotos in isn't exactly that great.

What I did was a second Duke (why not Repede T^T), Rita and Flynn...

Anyway, jepp. They stand on the collectors box of Two Worlds II, it was just a perfect fit and easier to make fotos of them like that. Instead of putting them on the ground. It looks actually pretty good and I totally like how they made this box. I didn't want to buy it at first, but than I saw the other collectors edition of this game and thought... "Häh? Why is this one with less stuff in it only 10€ cheaper than this big pack?"

Yeah- That are destroying thoughts u.u But well... There are some interesting things in there oô And the normal game wasn't that much cheaper too... >_> So... oh well....

There really was a lot in there. ^^; And Ezio has a new 'friend'?

Then I got these lovely doujinshis as well~ I'm so totally happy to have gotten the Guardian doujinshi! X3

They weren't even that expensive. Jippieh~
A little better overview of these doujins will come later~


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