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This is an overview of all the (new) Tales of Vesperia doujinshi/anthologies/artbooks I own. I didn't put the other anthologies (I have for a while now) up here, since I already wrote of them way before^^;

Maybe for a generell overview I'll do that, but this would probably take a while. Again. Took me long enough to actually do this one.

But, yay~
I got some Vesperia-doujinshis~ and I'm so totally happy to have gotten the "Guardian" one. Yay~

Now... if I just could read and understand Japanese. XD"

Name: Guardian || Tales of Vesperia Fanbook Vol. 7
Pairing: A little bit of Flynn x Yuri
Circle || Artist: Danchipettokinsirei || Niwa Yatoya
Website: Niwa Yatoya
Pages: 58
Rating: G(?) or PG
Summary: A monster closely reminding of the one in First Strike is hiding in the forest and Yuri is set to destroy it. Alone. Repede follows and saves him in the last second.

Flynn had been following Repede as well, in hope to find both of them unhurt.

Name: ??? || Tales of Vesperia Fanbook Vol. 9
Pairing: Flynn x Yuri
Circle || Artist: Danchipettokinsirei || Niwa Yatoya
Website: Niwa Yatoya
Pages: 22
Rating: R18
Summary: First Strike: Yuri complains about Flynn always hitting him or throwing him out of the room, just because he is moody. He is obvious to the reason.

It could always be, because of the way Yuri licks his popcicle, or the way he is sleeping without a blanket (rather suggestively).

Name: Seinen Ga Naitahi
Pairing: None || Raven + Yuri
Circle || Artist: Amarans || Fuzimura Marina
Website: Amarans
Pages: 28
Rating: G(?) or PG
Summary: Yuri meets Raven down in the jail of Zaphias castle and pops down on him to get some sleep while they talk. He has a nightmare about loosing his 'father'-figures (I guess) and killing off people he doesn't really want to fight. Feeling helpless as he watches his nightmare-him killing.

Name: Best Answer
Pairing: None
Circle || Artist: Yukeyuke*Ryuseigo
Website: Yukeyuke*Ryuseigo
Pages: 44
Rating: G(?) or PG
Summary: Yuri dreams about his bloodied hands and doesn't want to take Estelles hand because of that. On the other hand, the team doesn't change their way in talking or moving around him, even though they know he had killed.
True friendship.

Name: Dearest
Pairing: Flynn x Yuri
Circle || Artist: Lost Last
Website: Lost Last
Pages: 20
Rating: R18
Summary: Yuri is sleeping when Flynn walks into the room, but not for long afterwards.

Name: ??? || Tales of Vesperia Fanbook Vol. 12
Pairing: Raven x Yuri
Circle || Artist: Pink Power || Saho Mikuni
Website: Pink Power
Pages: 20
Rating: R18
Summary: Yuri and Raven staying at an Inn in Halure(?).


Name: Tales of Vesperia Fanbooks || 2008/09 - 2009/12
Pairing: None || Yuri + Karol, Yuri x Judith, Yuri x Estelle, Yuri + Flynn
Circle || Artist: Yukeyuke*Ryuseigo || Yakura Yukiya
Website: Yukeyuke*Ryuseigo
Pages: 160
Rating: G
Summary: Recollection of nine different doujinshis put into one book, nothing explicit, lots of fluffiness here and there. I'll put up an overview of this one in another post.


Name: Asterism || Tales of Vesperia Fanbooks || 2009/03 - 2010/01
Pairing: None || Raven x Yuri, (Flynn x Yuri fluffiness)
Circle || Artist: machibari || 365
Website: 365
Pages: 204
Rating: G -> R18
Summary: Recollection of ten different doujinshis, going from fluffy stories with child-Yuri to more explicit ones with Raven. I'll put up an overview of this one in another post.


Name: Draw Lowell in Color || DLC
Pairing: None
Circle || Artist: Nine different artists/circle
Website: Yukeyuke*Ryuseigo
Pages: 28
Rating: G
Summary: Illustrations from nine different artists of Yuri Lowell. Color-themed. I'll put up an overview of the artists in another post.

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