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Alright.... I want to organize my doujinshis later on... organizing in pairings, probably circle and maybe even AUs if I'm really bored and I have more than one book of that AU (or know that there are more books belonging to it and I wanna try to get a hold of them too...... maybe.....)

Hmm... just thinking if I should all just put them in one post 8D Wahaha.... it would be one hell of a long post..... and when I think about it, probably not a good idea, because I'll use picture lists again, like my doujinshi lists... and since I kind of have two series with way too many doujinshi (and at least another one that is getting bigger too....) .....well.... one could say that post really would get waaaaaaaay too long oo

And colorful 8D

Which makes it interesting for me again. *coughcough*

Hrmn.... I'll see.... first I should scan the covers of the new ones again... orz.....

And that when I actually just managed to nearly scan all of my old ones D8

But..... what do I give to have some other things handling my head, which is going in not so nice directions more than once a day.... orz....

Hmnya..... my cat wants food and my bed.... so I should really be going.... working early tomorrow orz.....

I hate that shift. )8

Tales of Vesperia

► RavenYuri / YuriRaven (Schwann and Damuron included)
► FlynnYuri / YuriFlynn
► DukeYuri / YuriDuke
► ZagiYuri / YuriZagi
► AlexejYuri / YuriAlexej
► EstelleYuri / YuriEstelle
► JudithYuri / YuriJudith
► RitaYuri / YuriRita
► AllYuri / YuriAll

Axis Hetalia Power

► LithuaniaRussia / RussiaLithuania
► PrussiaRussia / RussiaPrussia
► BelarusRussia / RussiaBelarus
► EstoniaRussia / RussiaEstonia
► IcelandRussia / RussiaIceland
► AmericaRussia / RussiaAmerica
ChinaRussia / RussiaChina

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

► HibariTsuna / TsunaHibari
► MukuroTsuna / TsunaMukuro
► SpannerTsuna / TsunaSpanner
GiottoTsuna / TsunaGiotto
SqualoTsuna / TsunaSqualo
► DinoTsuna / TsunaDino
► GokuderaTsuna / TsunaGokudera
► AllTsuna / TsunaAll

Natsume Yuujinchou

► MatobaTakashi / TakashiMatoba
► NatoriTakashi / TakashiNatori
► MadaraTakashi / MadaraTakashi

Italic ones, being the ones I haven't here yet.....


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