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Mostly ALL about Russia 8]

Edit: 29.03.2013


Nov. 18th, 2012 11:27 pm
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Why does this look so good?!?!? *A*



That just means I need both :X
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Let's see if I'm able to keep this journal updated....

I don't think so, because of.... reasons... but oh well.

At least that ToV Doujinshi list shall be updated when I have the time and want to... hrn... Even though I'll probably really just update the images, probably..... oh well...

I used to use journals more often before LJ got weird.... *shrug*

I may make another list concerning other doujinshis.... just... with images really, don't feel like making another table with pairings etc... at least not now. *sigh*
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Alright... there I go again and make a list of all doujinshis I own from Tales of Vesperia.

Way too long again... )

Edit: 29.03.2013 - Only the pictures
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Well... that's about everything I own of Tales of Vesperia, I think.... minus the Doujin I forgot to put on the table.... but really... you can't even completely see all the doujins that are put on there XD"
Hrn... the table is big... Maybe I'll put them all on it... see if they fit or not.

It's all I currently own, I think... even though there is far more available but hard to get... and expensive... *sigh*

But look who arrived as well X3

Now I can finally make some pictures I have thought about.

But that first picture was something I wanted to do for a while. Just needed to wait for Flynn and the Raven mobilephone strap. X3
Both arrived this week~
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Sometimes it's good to have that dreading day, called birthday... were you get one year older than before. Especially if you get a 3000¥ cash card for your Playstation 3 Network X3
Like [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos did for me on Tuesday.


After adjusting my Playstation 3 with the new internet here (even though it's still not working without a cable), I could finally go a little 'shopping' X3

And what did I get?

Of course!!!


I used it to get Vesperia-Costumes!!! Weeee~

And because I'm still totally in love with labcoats, I couldn't resist buying Raven and Judy their costumes with exactly that item!

Too bad I don't have Judy yet... but it won't take long anymore~

I just need to get that stupid Secret Mission archievement were you hinder the monster to heal itself with Ravens help. Hrm. Preferable without killing it beforehand! >_<; Like... well... yesterday night... *cough*

Will I succeed?

Ask the old man X3

Just my speaking, even if it will take awhile. XD"


Feb. 28th, 2011 11:37 am
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Nearly everyone who knows me and or reads this journal (not that much in both cases probably XD") probably knows or noticed that I like squids/octopi and owls. X3

Therefore it's not surprising that I totally swooned when I saw something like this in [livejournal.com profile] otterdance's journal (She is a great authoress by the way).

A cup being hugged by a squid <3 These ones are made by Elizabeth Paxson. She has many of these pottery with squids on it, even a walltile with an owl XO

I'm being tempted... really badly tempted!!!


On a sidenote... I have been away on the weekend, leaving Mio in the care of [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos... When I returned yesterday, Mio was behind the kitchen cabinets again... later on she went into the living room, wanting some pats, just to suddenly turn into a clawing, biting, hissing, growling little beast oô;

[livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos had called me somewhere in between her fit and could even hear her on the other side of the phone. Which let to Zetsu visiting me shortly after with some fleshy cat-treats...

At least... right now she is sleeping on her scratching post... I hope she won't have a fit the moment I'm coming back late at night form my work DX


Feb. 24th, 2011 09:17 pm
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Actually, this entry is a little late, but.... X3

Finally one of my really old children dreams has come true~ (again)

On Saturday we went to Hannover and got a Celebi~


It's just the second part of my dream, because the first part was a sweet little Mew! X3

It's a little scary what kind of team I could make now. With the shiny dog-Pokémon we could download the past three weeks. Hoho~

It's the first time I have all three of them too, because first I had only been able to catch Suicune in my old Crystal Edition... and second I'm still not so far to have caught the normal ones in my SoulSilver edition. That's if you can't play so much (especially if one has a Playstation 3 game called Vesperia now X3).


Feb. 22nd, 2011 09:31 pm
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This, is my new companion in my new apartment~

She is called Mio and looks like my old cat Morchen XD" Even her personality the woman from the animal shelter described seems like Morchen. Like a little clone of the cat at home. X3

Now she is walking around the apartment and seems to like her litter pan to sleep in. I hope it will change soonish... She probably does it, because she likes holes. oô

I hope she likes them in her scratching post later on as well.


Feb. 16th, 2011 06:01 pm
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I have my new apartment keys~!!


Didn't get them yesterday, like normally planned, but the janitor called me today instead to say that I can still move in now. They documentated the defects and said they'd clear them, if I want to.

But anyway... that means I can move on the weekend. Jippieh~
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I've got a package today~

Weeeeee~ Took it long enough to get here DX Since [livejournal.com profile] sailorriceball had send it here on Friday. Why took it so looooong DX???



Do I only use this journal for pictures? Dear me... )

On another side note... I didn't get my new apartment keys today DX Because the janitor found some stuff that hadn't been renovated like he wanted it too... *sniffl* Wanted to move there on the weekend too with the help of my parents... that's bitter... hopefully they can renovate it in time.
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Hey there~

I just found something on my camera, after finally putting the card back into my computer again.

I've been home from December to January and made these nice pictures there~

That's my car and a little bit of our garden.

Now you see how high the snow had been shoveled to actually be able to walk there... left from my car are trees... but you can't really see much anymore...

And have some icicles as well~

These were found on the restaurant beside the trainstation in my village. X3

That was a bad winter here.... and now it's getting cold again >_< and it snows! T_T
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So... I'm back with [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos again, have carried boxes of stuff for my new flat up these stairs, because I can't very well let them stay in my car, especially with that weather outside, in fear they would get wet and break when I want to bring them up to my flat when I'm finally able to move in and are nearly finished with my cosplay for the bookfair in March.

But that's totally not the best part.

Well, actually. I think I only mentioned that I would try to get an apartment. This very much means, jepp!, I got it X3

But, at the moment I'm more than happy about something else~

I have been able to get my Yuri Lowell-figurine from [livejournal.com profile] sailorriceball's place~ Yay~
He had been with her for a while now. I think he arrived shortly after my weekend home again DX That's mean, because I had to wait another two-to-three weeks to drive home again... but now he is with me~

I'd really cuddle him if he would be cuddly at all XD" But I guess, I'll only be able to do that if I get the actualy Yuri plush... and that means... I'll still need to wait a bit DX

But well, I have enough to do with my apartment till then, when it's time to move, that is.

And I have these Tales of Vesperia Clearplates and Trading Cards to look at till then too X3

Hopefully enough of distractions... Still need to make pictures of some stuff. I'll do that when I'm finally able to charge my camera again. I always forget...


Jan. 28th, 2011 05:35 pm
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Well, I got a filing extension for one year last week. So... that means I'll probably move out of Zelus apartment and get my own. We found one in the next village and that apartment is... WOW... it really is.
We went there yesterday. It's big and I'm allowed to keep a cat. Enough room for my parents to visit me too, instead of only the other way around. Alright... I don't really have much I could put into that apartment, but that's not to hard to change.

Anyway. I'm going to meet the janitor tomorrow for some specifics and if everything is going as planned, than I have a new apartment X3
With -room- soooo much room. Something I didn't have here!

I'm somewhat excited, now I just wish everything is going good with work too, so that I can keep that apartment!
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Well... this is kind of... odd?

Why do I have an entry in Fan History? oô
I didn't even know this site existed XD" And it's pretty old and not really actual too XD"

Lol... that's just... lol Pff...

On a random note, I didn't buy too much DX *cough*cough*cough* Really!!!





But YAY~ my Yuri Lowell has finally arrived at a friends place. I'll so drive home as soon as possible to get him |3


Jan. 7th, 2011 11:18 pm
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Well, I did see that the send my package yesterday evening, so I wasn't so surprised, but yay~

I got this today~


The only thing I don't like,... there are only German subtitles there >_< No fun at all, don't like german translations very much... and I just shortly listened to the German voices, just to put it instantly back to Japanese language XD"
God... these voices are pretty horrible as far as I listened to them =_=;
Don't wanna listen too them more than necessary in German, there was not even a menue, so the first think I heard was Estelles german voice... of course I put it in Japanese instantly... but out of curiousity I put it back to German to listen to the other voices...
Don't like it.
And Rita with Nylen just now... is a total no-go =_=
Alexei isn't better. Bäh....

I prefer Japanese voices, definitely.

PS.: Now... Raven in German... I think that is the last one... And I'll only say one "word": Autsch.
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Just four days and ToV - First Strike will be on Blu-Ray and DVD! Yay~!

Now... I'll try to get rid of this stupid headache.
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Urgh. Well, somehow... we are in 2011 now.

Happy New Year everyone, by the way.

Hah,... yeah. That sounds really happy right?

Oh well... Not really I know, since it already starts with something not too good. [livejournal.com profile] project_purity is going on hiatus and that after I promised myself to be more active there. That's actually really sad, but I'll definitely look forward for it to open again in summer or whenever they want to do it.

I liked the premises and the people were really nice there too.

I wish everyone from this RP a good luck and hope to see some of them again later on.

Now... where should I look for my character to go to now?

But on the other side of the start of the new year, something good happened as well!


In exact five days, something I have been waiting for, actually happens!


Tales of Vesperia ~ First Strike will actually be released!

Here in Germany!!! In five days!
That is actually a good start too! Hohoho~

It's a little twisty... I'm sad that Project Purity is currently closed, but on the other side I'm happy because of Vesperia...

Now... I just hope they understand that this game is great and bring the PS3-game here as well. I really, really want to have that one and understand what they say in the new scenes.

So... please, bring it here as well TT^TT Namco!!
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Urgh, I'm still soooo full from the birthday meal... urgh... can't... move really well.

Who thought eating cake shortly after eating a three-course-menu was a good idea? o_@;
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This is an overview of all the (new) Tales of Vesperia doujinshi/anthologies/artbooks I own. I didn't put the other anthologies (I have for a while now) up here, since I already wrote of them way before^^;

Maybe for a generell overview I'll do that, but this would probably take a while. Again. Took me long enough to actually do this one.

But, yay~
I got some Vesperia-doujinshis~ and I'm so totally happy to have gotten the "Guardian" one. Yay~

Now... if I just could read and understand Japanese. XD"

This list got way too long... )


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