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Okay.. not really. It's been too long since then.

(Actually, just a week, but my head is always quite forgetful and all...)

But yes, we have been to the fair like... three times after the first post I made. XD" And everytime we brought something home. Either a something to eat (*cough* always something to eat) or a new plushy or something else....

The sugar canes were sooo yummy.. of course most of the other stuff too... hmm... I probably gained weight after the week before this one *cough*

We won a giant blue seahorse and some other either funny stuff or.. well... stuff! We can now make our room a red light destrict with the giant red bulb we got XD" This lamp is really shiny and all...

But that wasn't really the reason I wanted to write something... actually... I just wanted to get this out of my head:

Bonnie Pink - Ring a Bell )

It probably won't be out of my head from posting here, but anyway... *cough*

It's probably because I can't seem to listen to any other song on my CD instead of this one, while I'm at work x_x
Nooooooo~ I'm not obsessed! I swear! Maybe a little bit...

But I just love this song! Heh.. both version.. the English one and the Japanese one, even though the real translation of the Japanese one would sound a little different from the above mentioned lyrics... but which other language can sing in such a metaphoric way, like Japanese can? Probably not many for the people to actually understand what the want...

Acutally... I'm hearing the English one more often, because I knew that one before I knew the Japanese one.. because of Tales of Vesperia being in English XD"
One of the reasons was, because I wanted to -understand- what exactly she sings. Sometimes her English is a little sloppy and I don't understand the context of the sentence but some words... Anf finally I didn't forget to look the lyrics up.
I know there are some lyrics that don't seem to be very good... at least I got a glimpse of one... but this above mentioned looks about right. I'll have to listen more closely again!

I do have enough time to listen to the song again and again and again~

I just need the movie to Tales of Vesperia and maybe all figures that are about to get out. (Hopefully soon!) And I'll be happy (after receiving the Art Book that should be still on its way into my open arms *cough*).

I totally wouldn't have thought that this game would get to me like this... but... I just have irrational fun with it. Way too much fun to be normal, probably.... *cough*

Hopefully my phone will be here tomorrow, like they said.. Then I'll have the weekend to work me through everything I need to do with that phone...

We need to get ready for work... don't wanna!!! Would like to play more Vesperia... haven't done so till the weekend I think... @_@

(And I still wanted to write my own personal reviews to some of my games, that I should play again.... I'm through with Vesperia... why am I playing it again?)
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Yay~ so yesterday we were at the annual fair in Wolfsburg, just randomly this time, because we just wanted to go to a certain electronic shop, looking for a new TFT monitor for me. Well, I do have one here, but I'll need one for home too.... laaaater... since this one here doesn't belong to me..

Instead of bying me a monitor, I bought me this cute little laptop I have on my lap right now, writing this (I wanted to do that anyway). I forgot to make a foto of this one XD"


It's blue! (But all the finger prints ~_~;;)

Zelu aready mentioned that we were at this fair and that I won some plushies XD" Well... it was certainly fun throwing dart arrows at balloons!! And I'll do it again when we go back there!

We still need to ride the ferry wheel. X3

And we both wanted to try these shooting games. Heh...

Now.. the first time I tried throwing darts, I didn't buy too many... well.. 13 darts and hey.. I got this little fellow out of it!

He is fluffy, soft and cross-eyes really badly XD" so. It was called Zelu, because Zelu said it looked like Zelu had yeeeeaaaaars ago XD"

We ate icecream and other yummy sweet stuff X3

Then we both fished us a bag with a surprise and I got this cow in a green back.

She is even making cow-sounds XD"

And last but not least I tried my luck with darts again. XD" This time by the other dart-stand, bying 26 arrows to throw. Hn.

I got this scary-looking fellow out of it~

I will totally go there again and try to get another one for Zelu X3 This elephant looks funny, even though the picture of it is totally scary. Pfff.

Fairs are fun! I haven't been to a real one for ages~

Hopefully we can go there soon again!


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