Feb. 28th, 2011 11:37 am
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Nearly everyone who knows me and or reads this journal (not that much in both cases probably XD") probably knows or noticed that I like squids/octopi and owls. X3

Therefore it's not surprising that I totally swooned when I saw something like this in [livejournal.com profile] otterdance's journal (She is a great authoress by the way).

A cup being hugged by a squid <3 These ones are made by Elizabeth Paxson. She has many of these pottery with squids on it, even a walltile with an owl XO

I'm being tempted... really badly tempted!!!


On a sidenote... I have been away on the weekend, leaving Mio in the care of [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos... When I returned yesterday, Mio was behind the kitchen cabinets again... later on she went into the living room, wanting some pats, just to suddenly turn into a clawing, biting, hissing, growling little beast oô;

[livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos had called me somewhere in between her fit and could even hear her on the other side of the phone. Which let to Zetsu visiting me shortly after with some fleshy cat-treats...

At least... right now she is sleeping on her scratching post... I hope she won't have a fit the moment I'm coming back late at night form my work DX


Feb. 22nd, 2011 09:31 pm
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This, is my new companion in my new apartment~

She is called Mio and looks like my old cat Morchen XD" Even her personality the woman from the animal shelter described seems like Morchen. Like a little clone of the cat at home. X3

Now she is walking around the apartment and seems to like her litter pan to sleep in. I hope it will change soonish... She probably does it, because she likes holes. oô

I hope she likes them in her scratching post later on as well.


Oct. 5th, 2010 11:09 pm
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I think... life hates me at the moment and I'm asking myself: "Why aren't I home with my cat(s)?"

Not too long ago... our parrot died. The one I have lived ~16 years with.

Now... I just learned that my 2-3 years old cat Tori got killed.

Will I even have any animals left when I finally go home?
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Hm... I have talked enough for today.. don't worry... but still....

My cats~

More 'kitties'~ )
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That's a picture my mother took after Christmas. My two cats and the two giant hedgehogs she got for Christmas from me and my brother. I got the left one and my brother the right one. Heh. Morchen seems to like lieing between them as well, since my mother likes to sit between them. They seem to be good for putting your arms on, right high and all^^;

Well... Where do you think I got my fable to collect octopi's from? She is collecting way to many hedgehogs and she has definitely more than I have, even though she openly started collecting them after me, but... well... there aren't so many octopi-things like there are for hedgehogs. u.u

Ah well~
I still like the pic because of my two cats sitting there together. X3 Tori seems to take over Morchens places all the time now. Morchen finds a new place to sleep and when she it out hunting, or whatever she is doing when she's not sleeping, Tori tends to take that place to sleep and when Morchen returns she sits there looking at Tori sleeping on her place. Well~ after that she usually has another place again... we do have some suitable places for them to sleep. They just seem to like taking over places all over again. Heh.

They can both kill their cat-toys perfectly though X3
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Now... I don't only have a total black-out with writing anything in [livejournal.com profile] adaugeo, but I even have a black-out in stuff to draw (and I would really like to draw something again) and start to get a cold... well... okay... it's already there with running nose and weird stuff in my throat.... but really.... u.u

Was the creative hole not enough?

I'm sleepy as hell, but have already slept quite long.... ah.... at least only two days more of work... and then I'm on my way home.... probably taking a looooong, hot bath there and then trying to arrange my room as much as possible... with all the figures, games and dvd/blu-ray discs I got... *cough*

Then I'll take all my tentacle plush-animals with me to bed and cuddle, together with my cats.

Sounds nice in my dripping ears.

Better than thinking about the visit to the dentist on Monday.... and the later visit of my thrift instituition to get online banking working for me again.... *sigh*
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Yesterday I made a new CD for me to listen at work, since I always forgot that.

Well... I did have a CD with me the day before, but this was an ooold one, with songs we have heard some time ago. Well, we still listen to them every now and then, but at the moment we're listening to other music. But one of these songs just couldn't let me stop grinning, since it somehow reminded me of Rorschach. It's German, so the lyrics probably wouldn't help at all but this one passage was just... LOL...

"Doch wenn man mir was wegnimmt, ja dann werde ich gemein
Dann kratze und dann beiße ich und fange an zu schrei'n."

It's called "Kenderlied" from Silk & Lute, if anyone cares to know. It means something like that. Real bad translation, since translating songs is just... well.... odd....

"But if they take something away from me, I'll get bitchy
Then I'll scratch, bite and start to shout."

Why does this so remind me of Rorschach when [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos uses the rage mode and he shouts, before he's going to nearly rip apart the enemies? I found it always amusing how Rorschach is fighting in these games. He really is scratching their faces out... and then the flashback with younger Rorschach that bites the bully in the cheek... pff... Does anyone understand now why that passage reminded me of him? XD Then Kender are generally small people, something like Hobbits... Rorschach isn't that tall as well... pff... and there are some more lines that seem to fit him quite nicely... lol....

Anyway... found a song I haven't heard for a long time... and that one reminded me a little of Rorschach as well... well... maybe more then a little... XD"

That would be Papa Roach with "I'm getting away with murder" and it doesn't only remind me of him, because of what Zelu is doing in [livejournal.com profile] adaugeo with him at the moment. XD"

I'm getting away with murder )

I mean... really... they kill without mercy in these games... but get away with it? Something is definitely wrong there XD But yeah... this song just reminds me of Rorschach and even a little of Nite Owl II as well.. heh...

Then there is that other one from Papa Roach.. really... I think these are the only two songs I know from him... but reading these lyrics reminds me a little about this friendship, or whatever they have, from Rorschach and Nite Owl II... and I think... that's probably a little how Nite Owl II will feel when he completely comprehends that Rorschach is alive and causing a whole lot of chaos in [livejournal.com profile] adaugeo and he needs to stop him... Probably with force...

And then he'll punch him in the face for forgetting him, not sure if he should be 'glad' that he was of such value for Rorschach (and that he somehow is still alive), or angry at the small man. Then he probably needs to hide him away and get into that thick skull of his to get him either to trust him again or to let him remember. Both not easy tasks.. I'll see how this will be managed in the end... >_<; That will be no sugar or beans for awhile!!

Time and time again )

Anyway... I'll try at the latest to answer as much in [livejournal.com profile] adaugeo on the weekend as possible... Hopefully it will get better till then... can't promise much... Christmas isn't a favourite holiday if it concerns my head. All the happy go lucky and gift stress, overly dramatic decorating of the house... no... definitely not good for my head to see all this... u.u But I'll try to write, before I'm going back home with no overly functioning computer and not being able to write much at all... After all... seeing the family again after nearly six month will take a while.... cuddling with my cats as much as possible... trying to sort my new room out so that I can deposit my new figures better... Trying to get my room as homely as possible, even though I won't be there for long.... ah well.... probably stressy at home too... oh joy... u.u;

Anyway... I'm still happy to go home for a bit... I clearly miss my family... and my cats. Maybe I should get them something for Christmas too... hm... I'm sure I'll find something... not only the new scratching post I send home not too long ago, since my "kitten" destroyed her other one... Morchen probably helped anyway...

I'm sorry for being so late with responses at the moment.. >_<; and sorry for rambling again XD"
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'N morning?

Nah.... probably not... it's not even morning here anymore... even though it still could be with us having night shift now. Well, I'm kinda awake for some hours already, have showered and gotten something to eat... but I still feel like I'm falling asleep any minute now.

My head is empty, even though I have lots to answer in [livejournal.com profile] adaugeo, probably the whole season is at fault... all these Christmas stress and.... bah... I think working on the whole weekend is at fault too.. at least this was being paid work... brr... weather is going even worse too... too much rain and all... Normally I don't mind rain.. but it's getting cold and slippy and... brr...

It's kinda dark in the room... sadly I don't think the lights will be of any help here. At least not much... I could still fall asleep... like a cat... oh... cats have a nice life... always sleeping, eating or more sleeping.. I miss my two cats... haven't seen them for a while now... Since I moved to live with [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos to work with Zelu by Volkswagen... oh well... At least in two weeks or so I'm finally going home for awhile. We'll see these next weeks if we'll still work there next year or not... I wouldn't mind a little extra cash... even though I wouldn't see my cats again for a while... hopefully Tori still remembers me... XD"

I've only gotten some pictures of them... I really miss them... wanna cuddle both of them... Even though Morchen doesn't like that very much.. XD"

Maybe I should play a little PS3 to try and get my head to work a little more.... I really want to write in adaugeo... but... empty head is bad....

I wanted to edit something in Photoshop... but somehow I didn't find the file.... not good... Hopefully I find them somewhere.. now I'm not really motivated to search my computer.... but I'll need it later, after Christmas... at the latest... mmh... instead I made new icons... damn...

Oh. And I got me a giant, pink octopus-plush... Well... pink certainly isn't my color... but this one is so big and cuddly... so soft and cute.... my biggest octopus in my collection. He was named Pierre... lol... and yesterday I got a really cute, red-orange one from my mother... (His names Paco by the way) He looks really great.... ah damn... I need to find this file.... >_< mäh.... anyway... I should stop rambling even more.... hmmmn.....


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