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Has nothing to do with doujinshi for once (゚ヮ゚)

(Since I have kind of mixed feelings and all about the amount of doujinshi I'm waiting for ಠ_ಠ - even though some of them make me really happy.... well... I mean.... MORE happy then other ones. X'D Ah.... forget it.... orz)

What I was talking about is this

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


She looks great with that pose. I can't wait to see her in color \(*A*)/

And I'm interested to see if her base would fit with Ravens or Ritas or if it's completely different.... indicating another one (゚ヮ゚)

I mean..... after making Yuri, Flynn, Rita, Raven and Estelle... they really can't leave out Judith, right? (。・_・。)

A real Repede figurine from Alter would be nice too... orz... the Garage Kits aren't really buy-able... IF you manage to find one orz.... and I wouldn't be able to color it .-.


Wouldn't want to ruin it. At all.... DX

So.... I'll just stare ಠvಠ

(And HAH! Finally a post not concerning doujinshi!)
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Well... that's about everything I own of Tales of Vesperia, I think.... minus the Doujin I forgot to put on the table.... but really... you can't even completely see all the doujins that are put on there XD"
Hrn... the table is big... Maybe I'll put them all on it... see if they fit or not.

It's all I currently own, I think... even though there is far more available but hard to get... and expensive... *sigh*

But look who arrived as well X3

Now I can finally make some pictures I have thought about.

But that first picture was something I wanted to do for a while. Just needed to wait for Flynn and the Raven mobilephone strap. X3
Both arrived this week~
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So... I'm back with [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos again, have carried boxes of stuff for my new flat up these stairs, because I can't very well let them stay in my car, especially with that weather outside, in fear they would get wet and break when I want to bring them up to my flat when I'm finally able to move in and are nearly finished with my cosplay for the bookfair in March.

But that's totally not the best part.

Well, actually. I think I only mentioned that I would try to get an apartment. This very much means, jepp!, I got it X3

But, at the moment I'm more than happy about something else~

I have been able to get my Yuri Lowell-figurine from [livejournal.com profile] sailorriceball's place~ Yay~
He had been with her for a while now. I think he arrived shortly after my weekend home again DX That's mean, because I had to wait another two-to-three weeks to drive home again... but now he is with me~

I'd really cuddle him if he would be cuddly at all XD" But I guess, I'll only be able to do that if I get the actualy Yuri plush... and that means... I'll still need to wait a bit DX

But well, I have enough to do with my apartment till then, when it's time to move, that is.

And I have these Tales of Vesperia Clearplates and Trading Cards to look at till then too X3

Hopefully enough of distractions... Still need to make pictures of some stuff. I'll do that when I'm finally able to charge my camera again. I always forget...
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Finally! My other Tales of Vesperia figure-set arrived!

Actually, that had been last week, but since I have been home (where it's bad with the internet without a real computer) and had to get it from [livejournal.com profile] sailorriceball first, I'm writing about it now. Had other stuff to do or not to do^^;

Laziness is talking there.

At least I made pictures before driving back here. Heh.

It's not even the only stuff I got.... but anyway~

There~ My second set and I really got everyone~

It's always because of more images... )


Oct. 19th, 2010 01:52 pm
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I finally got the first set of the Tales of Vesperia coin figures~ today!

And I'm totally happy~

Repede~ <3

And Yuri~

And of course, I get Karol twice.
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Did anyone ever tell you, that advertisements from certain electronic shops, are evil? Well... If not, then I'll tell you. They are evil, completely and utter evil.

Cut, because of pictureees~ )
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Well... it took long enough for me to update my tentacle collection, but here they are~

The next six octopi in my collection X3

Big image is still big... )
I'm surprised that I always seem to update when I have six new plushies oô;

Ah well~

My first two self-made octopi are there as well~

Pankratius is made by :iconnenu: and [link] is the original link~

He is sooo fluffy~ and cute and has wings~. I totally love him! (With all the others of course) Thanks again nenu!! X3

Pelle is made by sailorriceball. I got him on my birthday this year. Heh~ I love him as well, he isn't fluffy but sooo soft~
Thanks again there as well!

And now I think Phineas family is complete XD"

Yes.. Pheobe and Phyllis are both like Phineas.. but they both have a different size than Phineas (like seen above). So.. I guess it's his family!

Phineas is now a daddy, has a wife named Pheobe and his little (only) son Phyllis X3
Even so Phyllis has seen more than his two parents already XD He is on my car-key after all~

We went to Sea Life yesterday~ It was fun~ even so there was no octopus anymore TT^TT Have looked everything up and down... but couldn't even find the tank anymore u_u

Ah well...

Oh! And I got myself this cute little eggcup in octopus-form there. Tehe... actually.. the color should be more intensive, but the lightning of my camera just didn't want to... and PS couldn't help much there. Same with the big octopus figure.. I got the smaller one there as well... the one seen in tentacle-collection 1?
Even though on the old picture one can only see the many tentacles from the small figure XD"

Tentacle-Collection 1: [link]

Tentacle-Collection 2: [link]

And between....

YAY for Paul the oracle-octopus!!!


Dec. 26th, 2009 08:55 pm
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Like I said yesterday~ I made some more pictures of my glass cabinet.. X3 Now.. this will probably be loooong and load-intensive... but well~
That's why lj-cuts are there for. Heh...

Sadly I only noticed now that some pictures ares slightly unclear... damn >__< But I didn't take fotography as a subject in school after all... XD"

Probably loooong side after loading this. )


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