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Well... that's about everything I own of Tales of Vesperia, I think.... minus the Doujin I forgot to put on the table.... but really... you can't even completely see all the doujins that are put on there XD"
Hrn... the table is big... Maybe I'll put them all on it... see if they fit or not.

It's all I currently own, I think... even though there is far more available but hard to get... and expensive... *sigh*

But look who arrived as well X3

Now I can finally make some pictures I have thought about.

But that first picture was something I wanted to do for a while. Just needed to wait for Flynn and the Raven mobilephone strap. X3
Both arrived this week~
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Yesterday I got the package my mother promised me, with books I forgot at home when I was on facation. I totally love those Doujinshi-Chronicles of Tales of Vesperia. X3 They are quite funny, even without understand and have some nice arts in it too!

Actually... most of the artists have nice art, in their own way. Either really good or cutely chibi. X3

It's not something specific with pairings either. If there is a pairing it's more like only implied and than reither cutely too. These are more on the funny side anyway.

But really... what would anyone think by this picture?

Who is he thinking about?

Cut because of some more hilarious pictures~ )
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We have been to the city again today, since we still needed something for next weekend and wanted to look on this small shop where one could buy kites and other funny stuff. Slowly the time for kiteflying is approaching and [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos wanted a new and bigger stunt kite for that purpose.

They did have some really great ones and the one Zetsu bought really looks good and it's big.. oô; I bought one as well, smaller and seemingly some kind of beginner kite, because I never really had a stunt kite and the one time I had been able to try Zetus out... well... that had been some looong time ago... and there had actually been wind and Zetsus help to get it into the sky...

Yes, that means I didn't have much luck to get it up into the sky today... >_> I got it... well... maybe one metre into the sky, before crashing to the ground again? And that only later with trying, just before we decided to go home, because of this wet looking cloud that was slowly approaching us.

Not much of a success for me, but we starting packing up anyway.

After I was finished, I made these nice little pictures~

A rainbow! It was still dry there XD I made it where I was standing with all my kite-stuff. It was actually pretty interesting, because... the sky was completely blue were I was and even the surrounding around us had much blue sky to offer and white clouds. Just this little dark cloud with its rain was a difference... and seeing that rainbow just confirmed that the cloud brought rain in our way.

... )


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