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............................................I'm guilty........... .-.

I just...... couldn't say NO when I saw this:


Repede sweetie

Imma doomed.

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Back to the randomness of this journal... one could say. Anyway~

I didn't get myself anything till now. Good, right? Bought way too much last month anyway and that's not good. *sigh*

Even though its late, but these little creatures are from the Connichi in September:

Cute, right? And certainly something to cuddle.
I and all these images... )
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Well... it took long enough for me to update my tentacle collection, but here they are~

The next six octopi in my collection X3

Big image is still big... )
I'm surprised that I always seem to update when I have six new plushies oô;

Ah well~

My first two self-made octopi are there as well~

Pankratius is made by :iconnenu: and [link] is the original link~

He is sooo fluffy~ and cute and has wings~. I totally love him! (With all the others of course) Thanks again nenu!! X3

Pelle is made by sailorriceball. I got him on my birthday this year. Heh~ I love him as well, he isn't fluffy but sooo soft~
Thanks again there as well!

And now I think Phineas family is complete XD"

Yes.. Pheobe and Phyllis are both like Phineas.. but they both have a different size than Phineas (like seen above). So.. I guess it's his family!

Phineas is now a daddy, has a wife named Pheobe and his little (only) son Phyllis X3
Even so Phyllis has seen more than his two parents already XD He is on my car-key after all~

We went to Sea Life yesterday~ It was fun~ even so there was no octopus anymore TT^TT Have looked everything up and down... but couldn't even find the tank anymore u_u

Ah well...

Oh! And I got myself this cute little eggcup in octopus-form there. Tehe... actually.. the color should be more intensive, but the lightning of my camera just didn't want to... and PS couldn't help much there. Same with the big octopus figure.. I got the smaller one there as well... the one seen in tentacle-collection 1?
Even though on the old picture one can only see the many tentacles from the small figure XD"

Tentacle-Collection 1: [link]

Tentacle-Collection 2: [link]

And between....

YAY for Paul the oracle-octopus!!!
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I noticed... I forgot to upload part two of my collection. Oh god!

Hehe... that can't be... so... I'll just upload it now~

*innocent whistle*

Big file again~ )
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Yay~ so yesterday we were at the annual fair in Wolfsburg, just randomly this time, because we just wanted to go to a certain electronic shop, looking for a new TFT monitor for me. Well, I do have one here, but I'll need one for home too.... laaaater... since this one here doesn't belong to me..

Instead of bying me a monitor, I bought me this cute little laptop I have on my lap right now, writing this (I wanted to do that anyway). I forgot to make a foto of this one XD"


It's blue! (But all the finger prints ~_~;;)

Zelu aready mentioned that we were at this fair and that I won some plushies XD" Well... it was certainly fun throwing dart arrows at balloons!! And I'll do it again when we go back there!

We still need to ride the ferry wheel. X3

And we both wanted to try these shooting games. Heh...

Now.. the first time I tried throwing darts, I didn't buy too many... well.. 13 darts and hey.. I got this little fellow out of it!

He is fluffy, soft and cross-eyes really badly XD" so. It was called Zelu, because Zelu said it looked like Zelu had yeeeeaaaaars ago XD"

We ate icecream and other yummy sweet stuff X3

Then we both fished us a bag with a surprise and I got this cow in a green back.

She is even making cow-sounds XD"

And last but not least I tried my luck with darts again. XD" This time by the other dart-stand, bying 26 arrows to throw. Hn.

I got this scary-looking fellow out of it~

I will totally go there again and try to get another one for Zelu X3 This elephant looks funny, even though the picture of it is totally scary. Pfff.

Fairs are fun! I haven't been to a real one for ages~

Hopefully we can go there soon again!


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