Feb. 24th, 2011 09:17 pm
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Actually, this entry is a little late, but.... X3

Finally one of my really old children dreams has come true~ (again)

On Saturday we went to Hannover and got a Celebi~


It's just the second part of my dream, because the first part was a sweet little Mew! X3

It's a little scary what kind of team I could make now. With the shiny dog-Pokémon we could download the past three weeks. Hoho~

It's the first time I have all three of them too, because first I had only been able to catch Suicune in my old Crystal Edition... and second I'm still not so far to have caught the normal ones in my SoulSilver edition. That's if you can't play so much (especially if one has a Playstation 3 game called Vesperia now X3).

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Back to the randomness of this journal... one could say. Anyway~

I didn't get myself anything till now. Good, right? Bought way too much last month anyway and that's not good. *sigh*

Even though its late, but these little creatures are from the Connichi in September:

Cute, right? And certainly something to cuddle.
I and all these images... )
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Did anyone ever tell you, that advertisements from certain electronic shops, are evil? Well... If not, then I'll tell you. They are evil, completely and utter evil.

Cut, because of pictureees~ )
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It took me way too long to put this stupid table together =_=; Well... I did clean the bird aviary somewhere in between, but still.... and it's still not completely like I want it to be.. but.. oh well... I have other things to write too! 

Can't take too much time with this...

This table is for me, to keep some kind of overview of all characters I either play or played... currently all kind of in [ profile] adaugeo form, because... I only created and used them in this roleplay oô; I have never even played in another one...


Who cares... anyway~

Daniel Dreiberg || Nite Owl II
Full Name: Daniel Dreiberg
LJ-Account: [ profile] owlfanboy
Age: 38
Series: Watchmen (Movie)
Sector: Hiberna
Charms: Autumnus x2 (Dance/Nightmare), Ver (De-Age)
Profession: Waiter
Zero Hour
The memory of Laurie Juspeczyk, the one he loves.
Available at: [ profile] adaugeo | [ profile] dear_mun | [ profile] axiomrp

Full Name: Mew
LJ-Account: [ profile] psychicpink
Age: N/A
Series: Pokemon
Sector: Ver
Charms: Ver x2 (Flonne/Nightmare), Autumnus (Flonne), Hiberna x2 (Flonne)
Profession: None
Zero Hour
Ability to turn invisible.
Available at: [ profile] adaugeo | [ profile] dear_mun | [ profile] axiomrp

Yuri Lowell
Full Name: Yuri Lowell
LJ-Account: [ profile] tank_top_lover
Age: 21
Series: Tales of Vesperia (xBox-Version)
Sector: -
Charms: -
Profession: -
Zero Hour
Ability: Since he is from after the game, he has a whole lot of different attacks, but most are with his weapons (either sword or axes) and fists combined. He’ll only know the Artes from the xBox-version though.

He can cook quite well, because he had to learn that or die from Flynns cooking.
Available at: [ profile] dear_mun | [ profile] axiomrp

Currently homeless Muses

Dr. Franken Stein
Full Name: Dr. Franken Stein
LJ-Account: [ profile] scientist_stein
Age: N/A
Series: Soul Eater
Sector: Estas
Charms: Hiberna (Storm), Ver (Pokemon)
Profession: Teacher in Estas
Zero Hour
Memories of his students, colleagues and friends.
Available at: [ profile] adaugeo | Currently homeless

Cait Sith
Full Name: Cait Sith
LJ-Account: [ profile] purring_robot
Age: 4~6 (if he wasn't completely destroyed inbetween?)
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Sector: Autumnus
Charms: Ver (Pokemon)
Profession: None
Zero Hour
All his Limit-Attacks.
Available at: [ profile] adaugeo | Currently homeless

Dr. Reginald Bushroot
Full Name: Dr. Reginald Bushroot
LJ-Account: [ profile] walkingplant
Age: N/A
Series: Darkwing Duck
Sector: Hiberna
Charms: Ver (Pokemon)
Profession: Gardener - owner of the botanic garden in Hiberna
Zero Hour
The power to communicate with plants directly.
Ability: He can grow a whole forest if he wishs it and these trees or plants would even be able to walk around with their roots. That's how he is able to even grow plants in his botanic garden, that probably aren't normal for Adaugeo. That's why the plants grow so fast (and because of some of his experiments) He has kept his regeneration-ability as well, since it's quite fast and with possible bugs around...and now even because of the chill in Hiberna.
He is also a good scientist, inventing many different ways to grow plants and/or harm anyone if he wants to.
Available at: [ profile] adaugeo | Currently homeless

Full Name: Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin
LJ-Account: [ profile] looser_of_limbs
Age: Undead
Series: Anastasia
Sector: Estas
Charms: Autumnus (Nightmare)
Profession: None
Zero Hour
Memory of the reason -why- he wanted to take revenge at the Tsar.
Available at: [ profile] adaugeo | Currently homeless

Full Name: Etna
LJ-Account: [ profile] prinnie_master
Age: 1470
Series: Disgaea
Sector: Ver
Charms: Ver (Pokemon), Estas (Monster)
Profession: Now owner of the casino, nightclub and mall.
Zero Hour
The memory of her precious Overlord King Krichevskoy. --> Got them back from a monster that attacked Ver.
Available at: Currently homeless

Full Name: Madara || Nyanko-Sensei
LJ-Account: [ profile] formlesscat
Age: N/A
Series: Natsume Yuujinchou
Sector: Autumnus
Charms: None
Profession: None
Zero Hour
His ability to change back into his original wolf-looking form.
Available at: [ profile] dear_mun | Currently homeless

Full Name: Tama-Chan
LJ-Account: [ profile] tinydragonchild
Age: Some days.
Series: Natsume Yuujinchou
Sector: -
Charms: -
Profession: -
Zero Hour
Ability: -
Available at: [ profile] dear_mun | Currently homeless

Uryuu Ishida
Full Name: Uryuu Ishida
LJ-Account: [ profile] sewing_glasses
Age: 15
Series: Bleach
Sector: Hiberna
Charms: Autumnus (Fairy)
Profession: Owner of Quincy Fashion
Zero Hour
The ability to feel spirit particles and someones Riatsu.
Available at: Currently homeless
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After being back here with [ profile] zetsubo_chaos, I was finally able to download the Pichu that's for free at the moment. My W-LAN just isn't functioning at home. Since I could do that, I had finally the time to start a new Diamond-Game, that I bought on the day we got our Arceus. I wanted to download the Pichu first, before deleting the old game.

Now... as always I take more time going to the first big city than normal, because of me always leveling the Pokemon I caught and want to have in my team before I get the Pokemon I either usually have or that would be my team for alter use.

So.. I was leveling my Pokemon outside of Sandgemme (I don't know how it's called in English right now) on route 202 if I remember correctly. Nothing unusual, really... just me with my Turtwig (I wanted to try that one), Starly (Usually the bird I have till the end), the Kricketot I caught because it was early in the morning when I started the game again (and it's evolving quite early) and the Shinx I wanted (probably the Electric-Pokemon that I'll have in the end as well).

I wanted to level them, so that they could beat my 'friend' without that many problems (not that I have played that far *cough*). Shinx isn't that easy to level in the beginning.. and I have to say... the Turtwig wasn't that easy too... I won't talk about the Kricketot.... =_=;

Anyway... I was beating up lots of Shinx (because after I finally caught one, they wouldn't stop appearing) and sometimes a Starly or a Bidoof... but at that time I mostly got that Shinx... that's why I was a little confused when I saw it.

I haven't payed that much attention to what I was doing at that moment... I don't know what I was looking at, but I noticed it just from outside of my vision. I pointed at my DS and told Zelu: "That just sparkled."

Of course I wasn't so sure myself, since I hadn't been looking at my DS completely, but I caught the Pokemon nontheless. In the end... it really was a Shiny-Pokemon! I was so surprised and.... devastated.

It was the first Shiny I have seen in a game, without any tricks! No Poke-Radar or anything. NO. A regular Shiny, without even wanting to get a Shiny!

And why was I devastated?!

Because it was a BIDOOF!


Someone must hate me... I don't like that Pokemon. Argh... one could say I hate it even... or anything. ~_~;


Why must my first Shiny-Pokemon be a Pokemon I don't like at all?!


And this Pokemon had only appeared two times, between -all- the Shinx I had defeated... that's just..... Arrrceus.



What stupid rambling... sorry.... But really..... just needed to get that off the system... even though it had happened early in the morning today..
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Happy me is happy~

And why? Well... nothing serious really. Just happy because of some totally nonsense-relating posting in [ profile] adaugeo, with my Mew account. Oh. Why does it make me so happy to just randomly write "Mew" all over, because of not being able to say anything else?

Tehe. Yeah. It's probably because its one of my easier characters. I don't really need to think so much about what it should say, since that would only be of use if it talks with a fellow Pokemon. Heh. But otherwise, its just fun and I somehow like writing it. Even if its a little hard to always use "it" since it doesn't have a gender! That's in the game so and I think it should stay like that, even though many like to think its female because of the high voice and the pinkness and Mewtwo obviously being the male part (even though Mewtwo doesn't really have a gender as well) XD" But anyway~

Then there are these Rasputin-Avas [ profile] zetsubo_chaos made me, while I was writing Bushroot. Oh. I loooove these icons and I wish I could have more for the account. >__< Hopefully LJ gets some more sponsors again XD Mew needs some more avas as well heh~

But really! Rasputin makes soooo many great faces in seconds its just fantastic X3 Now I just hope I get to play him right.. I've never played such an 'over-dramatic' character XD" Oh well... Mostly all of the characters I play I have played for the first time in [ profile] adaugeo. ^^; And I'm not really sure if I play most of them right.... oh well...

Now that I think about it... Cait Sith is the only character I have played before joining [ profile] adaugeo, but only in German. All the others are totally new territory for me...

Wow.... I didn't even want to play so many... XD"

Now for some of these great faces~

And last but not least from this listing (because otherwise I would end up with posting all 39 avas Zelu made me):

Yes~ The last one makes me especially happy~

Now~ I'll go grab my Pokemon for today from the ranch and look how it has grown till yesterday~ X3
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Today my ranch got level 15, finally. Heh.. I would have been able to make a level up earlier, but I didn't want to get two Stunky >_< It's enough that there already were these stunk-beasts on my ranch because Eukalia wanted them. >_> I don't like them.
I didn't like the big one of them in Mystery Dungeon as well... >_> So... yeah...

But to the happier news!

Since today came a nicer Pokemon, where I wouldn't mind two on my ranch, I put the last 7 Pokemon on the ranch to get it to level up.

Yay! Now I got two Mawile and.... Phione! Yay~

And I just noticed today, if you see Mawile from the front, it looks like the teacher of Edward and Alphonse Elric XD

But anyway~ Phione sparkles on the ranch X3

Even though it wasn't there for long XD Not shortly after and it was on my DS... and then.. in my pension with its permanent user Ditto. Hehe...
It's interesting. Phione is the first Pokemon that actually seems to like Ditto atleast a little bit. Every other Pokemon didn't like Ditto at all (They still got lots of eggs *cough*) Probably because Phione is as genderless as Ditto. *cough*

Anyway~ I didn't need to walk too much and the first egg was there~ They really produce their eggs quite fast oô Probably because they like each other a tiny bit XD"

Too bad that it doesn't evolve into a Manaphy... How can Manaphy even survive if its child can't evolve into a Manaphy? Do they duplicate themselves? Or clone? It shouldn't even exist anymore oô

Ah... still.. I want a Manaphy too.... too bad that this mission for Pokemon Rancher isn't available anymore. >_>
It's bad not having any money... really.... *sigh*

Ah well~
Anyone who wants a freshly hatched Phione or even only an egg, feel free to ask X3
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I have to admit... I'm lazy with writing here... and I normally really don't have anything to say too...
I don't know how so many people can write so much stuff here XD" I don't even know what I should write all the time, since... it just nothing happens that is worth writing here.
I have a boring live, right? XD"

Ah.. well~

I finally beat the Top 4 in my Pearl-Edition! Yay~

It was an evil fight yesterday and this morning right after work... oh... these damn Top 4.. >___< I never, never, never liked them, since they are evil like that to use Top-Potion (Or whatever its called in Englisch) to heal their damn Pokemon just shortly before I would have been able to kill them!

Well.. I didn't beat these stupid Top 4 yesterday... but these Champ was a whole other story. Damn Roserade and Lucario! I didn't have too many problems with the other Pokemon (After I finally found a way to beat them easier, that is), but these Pokemon just killed my still living Pokemon like they were nothing...

Okay.. in the end I have to admit that my Pokemon where small.... too small to actually go and try to beat the Top 4... In the beginning I was just bored and wanted to level my Team a little... and since Trainer-Battles give more EXP I wanted to level on the Top 4... I "humoured" myself with that *cough*.

In the end I stood before the champ and nearly had her beaten too... till Lucario killed of my last Pokemon... I couldn't exactly let that stand... And somehow I ended up trying it again and again... How nice that one can safe before that.. Heh...

At least I finally got that National Pokedex! And Pokeradar! Hah~

Now~ I just need 20 Pokemon more and I get Phione from my ranch! That means~ Eevee I'm on my way to get and evolve you~

Now I'm going to the shower..


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