Feb. 28th, 2011 11:37 am
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Nearly everyone who knows me and or reads this journal (not that much in both cases probably XD") probably knows or noticed that I like squids/octopi and owls. X3

Therefore it's not surprising that I totally swooned when I saw something like this in [livejournal.com profile] otterdance's journal (She is a great authoress by the way).

A cup being hugged by a squid <3 These ones are made by Elizabeth Paxson. She has many of these pottery with squids on it, even a walltile with an owl XO

I'm being tempted... really badly tempted!!!


On a sidenote... I have been away on the weekend, leaving Mio in the care of [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos... When I returned yesterday, Mio was behind the kitchen cabinets again... later on she went into the living room, wanting some pats, just to suddenly turn into a clawing, biting, hissing, growling little beast oô;

[livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos had called me somewhere in between her fit and could even hear her on the other side of the phone. Which let to Zetsu visiting me shortly after with some fleshy cat-treats...

At least... right now she is sleeping on her scratching post... I hope she won't have a fit the moment I'm coming back late at night form my work DX


Sep. 2nd, 2010 05:21 pm
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Fluffy found a new journal style~


Squids! Cute little tentacle creatures~ and still nicely dark and all~ weeeee~

And probably too much time, even though I don't have time... XD" Changing all journal styles of my roleplay accounts... oh well~

Me is happy right now, because of this style~
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Well... it took long enough for me to update my tentacle collection, but here they are~

The next six octopi in my collection X3

Big image is still big... )
I'm surprised that I always seem to update when I have six new plushies oô;

Ah well~

My first two self-made octopi are there as well~

Pankratius is made by :iconnenu: and [link] is the original link~

He is sooo fluffy~ and cute and has wings~. I totally love him! (With all the others of course) Thanks again nenu!! X3

Pelle is made by sailorriceball. I got him on my birthday this year. Heh~ I love him as well, he isn't fluffy but sooo soft~
Thanks again there as well!

And now I think Phineas family is complete XD"

Yes.. Pheobe and Phyllis are both like Phineas.. but they both have a different size than Phineas (like seen above). So.. I guess it's his family!

Phineas is now a daddy, has a wife named Pheobe and his little (only) son Phyllis X3
Even so Phyllis has seen more than his two parents already XD He is on my car-key after all~

We went to Sea Life yesterday~ It was fun~ even so there was no octopus anymore TT^TT Have looked everything up and down... but couldn't even find the tank anymore u_u

Ah well...

Oh! And I got myself this cute little eggcup in octopus-form there. Tehe... actually.. the color should be more intensive, but the lightning of my camera just didn't want to... and PS couldn't help much there. Same with the big octopus figure.. I got the smaller one there as well... the one seen in tentacle-collection 1?
Even though on the old picture one can only see the many tentacles from the small figure XD"

Tentacle-Collection 1: [link]

Tentacle-Collection 2: [link]

And between....

YAY for Paul the oracle-octopus!!!
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I noticed... I forgot to upload part two of my collection. Oh god!

Hehe... that can't be... so... I'll just upload it now~

*innocent whistle*

Big file again~ )


Dec. 26th, 2009 08:55 pm
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Like I said yesterday~ I made some more pictures of my glass cabinet.. X3 Now.. this will probably be loooong and load-intensive... but well~
That's why lj-cuts are there for. Heh...

Sadly I only noticed now that some pictures ares slightly unclear... damn >__< But I didn't take fotography as a subject in school after all... XD"

Probably loooong side after loading this. )
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Merry (belated?) Christmas everyone!

I've not really much to say. My brother finally left with his daughter, 'wife' and our grandmother, so that means that my small cat Tori finally came out of her hide-out. It's quite interesting to see Tori vanish from view for maaaany hours oô When most of the times she's trying to get attention for cuddling XD
Sometimes I would have liked to do that as well XD" I'm not much for 'parties' or so. I like my quiet, but at least it looks like my niece likes the gift I bought her and all the other stuff that my parents and brother imitaded after me. Now she has a whole set of Bosch-tools. XD" Well, as long as she doesn't get all princess like with pink everywhere one looks XD"


And I got some more eight-tentacle plushies!!! Yay~ X3 The new ones are called Persephone and Phineas. Heh... they are so cute.. I could cuddle them all day, with all my other little octopi XD When I'm with [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos and my own computer again, I'll put them into another table with everything that should be known about them. Pictures~

Heh... pictures... hrhrr... I still got some X3

Octopi-Group~ )

My little octopi-collection complete... well... not really >__< That's one where Paul is missing.. argh... I really need to make some more.. >_> Since while taking them before I didn't know how to let the date vanish.. *sigh* Now I have many pictures with these stupid, orange date right on the image. *sigh* That's why I won't show one of my glass cabinets. The date totally is in the way.


Now some more pictures. First we have Pierre. This one I got last month I think. He had to fly above the ocean together with his sibling and a hedgehog that's now living on the couch with another slightly smaller one. X3

Pierre )

Then we have Paco. I got him on December the 6th. Poor thing needed to wait in his box for some time till I was allowed to open it. His colors are great, such a wonderful orange and red-color. Really great. X3 And he even has small suckers and the eyes..... He is probably the one with the most intensive color. Really cute.

Paco )

Now my completely new additions that I only mentioned in this journal-entry. First we have Persephone. I got her yesterday from one of my brothers. Heh. She is made like Plue, but with different colors. I love these plushies. Her name came really fast, I was surprised. First I thought it was one of the names from the list I had gotten long, looong ago, since I wanted to take one of these names, but now I looked and noticed that it wasn't. Oh well.. I'll do that with the next one I get that doesn't already has a name XD" I like Persephone as her name, so I won't change that anymore.

Persephone )

Last but not least the one I got today. Phineas. He has such a cute gaze XD These big eyes~ Yes... these plushies look always kind of sad with these big eyes... but he really looks totally cute. His name is from one of my friends. I liked it and thought it goes well with this one.

Phineas )

I want to cuddle all of them without pause >_< Of course all the other ones too XD"

Heh... next log will probably be of my glass cabinets. Well... probably more picture than written stuff I guess *cough* I'll see X3

I can't wait to finally get this little one. X3 Pankratius! He is sooooo cute~

(O-M-G... I think I said waaaaay to much 'cute' in this entry >_<)
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Uh... found the file... somehow it was easier to find than it seemed yesterday.. Maybe I'm a little more awake now? Not that it doesn't mean that I'm still sleepy as hell... *yawn* and that my brain still isn't 100% truely there... oh well... should I try to send someone to find what's left of my brain?

Probably not.... hrm... well... for everyone that doesn't know that I have an 'obsession' with cute (little) tentacle-creatures like octopi and squids... now you know XD" I don't have that many *cough* but at least it's a small collection already... these listed down there aren't all, but I'll wait till after Christmas to update the other missing ones... since I need to take some more pictures... I did replace some with already shot pictures from other people, but I'll probably use my own later.. since these are pictures they use to show their costumers... (if I'm not too lazy)

Anyway~ I need to take pictures of my really small DVD-collection of octopi-movies too... though... That's why I'll wait till Christmas, since I'll be home then... trying to sort out my figures after I got a good non-photo view from my new room and are able to get something for them to stand protected in.

Having small hyperactive cats isn't helping for safety-issues. XD"

Need to find a nice, safe place for my Rorschach-figure as well >X3 I still wanna have a Nite Owl like that >____< Would be great with this snow owl suit XD

I'll need to hope for that.

And get the smaller ones before that.

Anyway~ Octopus-Time!! Even though it's too big for this layout and small monitors, hah~

Big file is big. )

I'm still searching for female and male names that start with a "P" for maybe following plushies XD Yes... somehow every octopus in the beginning got a name with a "P" and in the end I'll stay with that tradition.
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'N morning?

Nah.... probably not... it's not even morning here anymore... even though it still could be with us having night shift now. Well, I'm kinda awake for some hours already, have showered and gotten something to eat... but I still feel like I'm falling asleep any minute now.

My head is empty, even though I have lots to answer in [livejournal.com profile] adaugeo, probably the whole season is at fault... all these Christmas stress and.... bah... I think working on the whole weekend is at fault too.. at least this was being paid work... brr... weather is going even worse too... too much rain and all... Normally I don't mind rain.. but it's getting cold and slippy and... brr...

It's kinda dark in the room... sadly I don't think the lights will be of any help here. At least not much... I could still fall asleep... like a cat... oh... cats have a nice life... always sleeping, eating or more sleeping.. I miss my two cats... haven't seen them for a while now... Since I moved to live with [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos to work with Zelu by Volkswagen... oh well... At least in two weeks or so I'm finally going home for awhile. We'll see these next weeks if we'll still work there next year or not... I wouldn't mind a little extra cash... even though I wouldn't see my cats again for a while... hopefully Tori still remembers me... XD"

I've only gotten some pictures of them... I really miss them... wanna cuddle both of them... Even though Morchen doesn't like that very much.. XD"

Maybe I should play a little PS3 to try and get my head to work a little more.... I really want to write in adaugeo... but... empty head is bad....

I wanted to edit something in Photoshop... but somehow I didn't find the file.... not good... Hopefully I find them somewhere.. now I'm not really motivated to search my computer.... but I'll need it later, after Christmas... at the latest... mmh... instead I made new icons... damn...

Oh. And I got me a giant, pink octopus-plush... Well... pink certainly isn't my color... but this one is so big and cuddly... so soft and cute.... my biggest octopus in my collection. He was named Pierre... lol... and yesterday I got a really cute, red-orange one from my mother... (His names Paco by the way) He looks really great.... ah damn... I need to find this file.... >_< mäh.... anyway... I should stop rambling even more.... hmmmn.....


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