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Damn. I bought Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a new World for Wii because I was nearly finished with Folklore on PS3 >__< And now... well... it seems I finished ToS even -before- finishing Folklore! Argh! Damn.

And I even bought it only... well... two weeks ago... T_T How can that be? Mäh... I only played this week and a little on the weekends inbetween, but not really in the first week I have gotten it, because of the late shift we had there. I don't play in late shift, because of always beeing under a timelimit and thinking "Argh - Not long and we'll need to go... Where is the next Save Point?"

I don't like playing like that, though I only played on the weekend and this week... one week playing ToS and I through with it? Damn... normally that doesn't happen with me... >_> I'm not that much of a gamer at all... sometimes to get my head to work for other things again or to kill time.. but not really just because of playing something u.u;

I mean... I have Folklore for way longer! It only has 8 chapters as well! Okay... I admit I have been going on quests and all.. trying to set the Karma of my monsters free... but I have been doing that with ToS as well >__<;

Now... when I'm through with Folklore too... I'll need to get a new one... or start playing Okami again. *sigh* I do have some other games too, but they aren't as absorbing as these... Oh my...

But really... it seems I'm doing something wrong with playing ToS anyway... >_>; I mean.. my characters were quite high, because of me always doing other stuff instead of the story. At least if I can trust what other people are saying. I mean...

Emil: 63-65
Marta: 62-64
Fenrir: 93
Sphinx: 93

Or so.. I'm not totally sure anymore, even though it hadn't been -that- long since I finished it.. >_> But this is quite high when I see that some people seemed to have killed the Demon!Richter with their characters being 48 and up. u.u;;; And I still had -problems- with him. Big bad problems! Argh!

At least I managed killing him on my fourth try *sigh* Stupid long sequence-thingy I needed to watch everytime I lost before... Argh! Why can't I just SKIP them?!?!?! T_T

TAKE THAT DEMONRICHTER!! Even though I probably shouldn't be happy if other managed to beat him with their first try and with smaller characters >_<;

Oh.. and because I was too slow with healing Emil, so Lloyd managed to kill me after all.. damn.. I wanted the bad ending first... Now I have probably seen the good ending before that. Ah well... Now I need to play the game through again and make enough bad choices to get the normal ending in the end... I'll just load the saved file from before the Demon!Richter to get the bad ending... but not today.... not this week because of late shift again... Maaaaybe sometimes later... because.... Richter is just ARGH! I don't want to do it now... >_> Actually, never.... really... but.. oh well... I -wanna- see the bad ending!

If it's possible to see different endings, then I want to see them all! (If it aren't too many different ones, like 20 or so and you need to always start a new game to get them all....)

Anyway~ Now I'll start this again, with my bonuses I bought and start to breed even more monsters!! Muahahahahaaaaarrrr~ At least I had enough points to buy my monsters, so that I could keep them. Fenrir (Kanai) and Sphinx (Grande) will go to the Katz-Guild while I'll breed some other ones now X3 Heh... I think Tiamat (Quecksilber) and Grave Digger (Quincy - yes he was really called that randomly!!) will follow them as well. They are over 80 as well... or I'll see what other evolution lil Quincy has gotten X3 or was that Quecksilber? I don't know anymore... Ah.. who cares~

At least the Lloyd-problem was cleared through the game~ and somehow... I still miss 13 percent of the chats they have >_< Argh... oh well... at least these chats are quite amusing most of the times. XD"


I'm rambling.... not good... I wanted to answer some tags on [livejournal.com profile] adaugeo Tehe.... *drop*

... ... ...

My thumbs hurt....

I forgot...

Jan. 9th, 2010 01:44 am
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Ah... Now I remember what I forgot to write... XDDD

I just bought these Tales of Symphonia game and just when we wanted to start playing it, [livejournal.com profile] zetsubo_chaos noticed new reservations for characters in [livejournal.com profile] adaugeo... And they were Tales characters nontheless XDDD


Jan. 8th, 2010 09:26 pm
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I wanted to write in [livejournal.com profile] adaugeo, but somehow... well... It was more like the first weekend after one week of work XD" Hrm.. lieing in bed, playing something.. hm.. just relaxing after the first week of work.

Then I noticed yesterday that I'm nearly through with Folklore. Probably the only PS3 Game I own that I'll really play. Bioshock... well... it sounded better than it really is. Not that I'm too fond of shooter games anyway, but the "Making experiments on yourself"-part had sounded quite nice. It really isn't a game for me, since even from just watching Zelu play it, my head got so dizzy and I'd nearly been read to burp, if I'd be able to do so anyway...

So.. we went out today anyway, even though we didn't really want to, but I needed to change my money so that I can pay someone on Monday.. *sigh* Anyway.. we went to Media Markt to see if they had any roleplaying game for the PS3 that would be interesting and maybe not so expensive. Of course that's just wishful thinking. They hadn't had any game that would be interesting, not even Eternal Sonata and we don't even want to talk about the price... right?

So.... since Folklore will be finished soonishly... That means when I'm playing the last chapter that's missing right now... I looked for another game. Like mentioned, we didn't find any game for the PS3... too bad... but they did have the new Tales of Symphonia for Wii. They even cost less than the PS3 games oô

Well.. I don't even know much or anything about Tales of Symphonia or all these other parts that belong to that big session of the Tales-series, but I just got a PSP-game for nothing that belongs to the side-session of the Tales-series and know at least a little bit because of the Colette we had in our RP months ago. I do have a little bit of Tales of Abyss on my computer too somewhere.. but haven't really watched that.

At least I know that I don't seem to like Lloyd much. He got/gets on my nerve in this Radiant Mythology game... one of the side-games of Tales. The one that I've gotten for PSP. I don't know. He is so... well... how should I say that? Dumb? Wants to show everyone that he'll be stronger than them (more-special) and still gets in the most trouble(?), has a real big mouth and... well... yeah... >_> And that only in this side-game... Now Zelu and me played this Symphonia-game for Wii, since it even has a modus for more than one player to play it. Yes... okay. That's only in the battle interesting, but anyway... better than nothing right? Anyway... I don't like Lloyd that much there too XD" and he looked more like a Pseudo-Sephiroth than anything, standing on the roof with the village in flames under his feet and then jumping down to kill some more innocent people with a face as stony as... well... a stone. oô Killing in the name of the Church of Martel and destroying village after village.

Okay. I wouldn't be surprised if this Lloyd actually is a fake (like in Tales of Abyss), but I wouldn't be surprised if this one is real either. Anyway... I don't think I'll like him much anyway... (but I like the blue and red sword he has in Radiant Mythology).

Now.. we started playing it, just to test it... and I have to say... The male Main Character is just.... sweetdrop. He is so dumb and thick-witted and a coward through and through that it hurts to see. It's really quite funny to have such a character. These chats the people are holding sometimes are hilarious as well. I still like the best part were this dog-cat talked about the new clothes of the main chara as if he wanted to make a commercial with them. That was funny.

Anyway... this female Main Chara is scary as well. She already talks about marrieing the male one, even though they don't know each other for that long oô; I mean.. yes... in the end they always end up together somewhere, but she is kind of scary proclaiming love and all these stuff to him. At least he is still so thick-witted, that he doesn't seem to understand... or he just doesn't want to... I tend more to the first.

What I found interesting. In every game I have played so far (and that were many), all the NPCs had been quite nice to the chara I play. Maybe later in a game you found an unfriendly folk, but never in the beginning... in this game the NPCs of the village probably hadn't even minded if the character had died XD" They were so unfriendly, it was entertaining. No wonder he was such a scaredy cat and couldn't say anything else besides "I'm sorry.". Oh... how I learned to loath that sentence from Lucrecia in DoC. At least he started to stop saying it so often already.... >_>;

Ah.. back to "topic". The monsters are kinda cute... and again you can cook and synthesize and all... I already know this kinda stuff from some other games... but at the moment it's more like... well... fight a tiny bit, 'movie scene', fight a little bit, 'movie scene', fight a little bit..... and so on and on.. oô Then walking along the map... at some parts they could have used a mountain or forest to move through before getting to the town or whereever they want to be.... but no... they talk about where they want to go next and then the place is on the map and you just need to let the character walk along the road of the map to get there. Even Atelier Iris had been better with that. There you needed to move along other places to acutally get to a town or anything like that, even though the character moved on a similar (but more detailed) map.

That's a point we noticed with all Nintento products. They seem to have some good roleplaying games and all... but their graphic definitely needs a lot of more work. One can see that the Nintendo-stuff is more for families than for people that actually play quite a lot. They have a big problem with good graphic. These characters just look into nothingness all the time, even though they should look into the other persons face or direction at all. We don't want to talk about all the pixel one can see on DS and Wii... Or the way to big hands and all. Nintendo seems to like using a mix between chibi and non-chibi charas. That's why these big hands and feet just don't seem to fit well with the body.

Ah well... I still play Wii... since... hm... they do have some nice roleplaying games after all... and I got it before the PS3...

Now.. We managed (pff - as if that was so hard) to find Colette on the way, searching for Lloyd of course. She joined the party a little later... oô But really... she is more on the ground than fighting the monster or people that attacked us... and that not even because she got hit by one. Noooo~pe... it's more because she trips over her own feet all the time!!! And she flys goddamn it! She makes one move and 'boing' she is down on the ground again....

... ... ...

Yeah.... and she was Choosen to save the world? How did she manage THAT?

Well.... we're not even that far in the game. At least I hope so... but seriously... it's more of a game to play out of boredom, if you don't want to think so much while playing, I guess. Should be good to get your head free with all the jokes they are making (and even their chats that aren't meant to be a joke but are still quite hilarious).

I should stop... started writing it yesterday... but haven't gotten to write more since.. obviously.. we were playing Wii.


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