Aug. 5th, 2010 08:46 am
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Woah... My hands feel swollen and they hurt with each movement from the work I've been doing. Not a nice feeling...

Still... I need to finally post something on [ profile] adaugeo again.

Sorry for the wait u.u


Jul. 27th, 2010 07:57 pm
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I'm totally exhausted today... and not in the mood to do anything but... sleep... sleep and even more sleep. My mind is blank and I'm actually surprised that I get at least -some- words done here...

Today had even started somewhat good, even if early shift is just horrible and not my friend... but really only somewhat... okay... it started good and bad, but we got free food and coffee again...

Now... in the company I'm working in, I probably had one of the better jobs, since I started working there, but that ended today.

I was send away to another working place, called Hall 54... this hall has another name as well, that's more likely to be used: Alcatraz.

And it feels like that too...

The people there are weird... the master is said to be funny... but I don't see anything funny about him...

I totally feel out-of-place between all these people. Not because I don't know them (because I have been there sometimes before), but because they just seem so... weird. I don't know...

I had fun at the working place I had been before, but all good things end sometime, right? Well... this is the end for my funtime it seems and I at least hope this mental exhaustion will be over soon.

I hope I'm able to at least... get my holiday in September there...
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I feel sooo exhausted... that isn't normal anymore... I mean... we only had two days of work till now.. alright. Sadly these days were early shift, a shift bad for us, because we can't sleep normal and normally don't get much sleep in the week, but I shouldn't feel that exhausted.

We have two more days to go. Zelu has it worse, since she needs to work on the Saturday too ==; Stupid extra-shift thingies.... brr... our hall isn't allowed to do that anymore... well... the year before it was normal to work on the weekend too.. we hadn't much of a choice.. but I don't understand why other halls need to do this extra work, even though they want to show the folks high up that they -need- their people, because they wouldn't be able to make the number of items when the part-time worker don't get another extension of their workrime. Why make extra days of work, if they want to show them that they wouldn't be able make it without their people? They should show them without extra work, but nooo.... seems like some halls can't do that. u.u;

It's stupid... and the last year it was always me with these extrawork, where we didn't have much of a choice, but work... Why couldn't they forbid this extra work for all halls?


Anyway.... I finally got some news of my new mobile phone that should have been in my hands since... last week?

Not only were the people that send the mobile phone stupid enough to send it to my BILLING address instead of my SHIPPING address, they even managed to write a totally wrong postal code on the package, after we finally cleared that they had gone the totally wrong way.. ARGH! Now it had been in Mannheim!
Goddamn! How do they manage that?!?
They drive the mobile phone around Europe, always passing little Wolfsburg here... and... argh... stupid...

I could have used the phone today... on the lazy day at work... but nooooo =___= They had send it to Mannheim instead of here.... argh....

Hopefully I really get it on Friday this week.

Grr... stupid people...

But at least my cat seems to have lots of fun at home, playing outside and "fighting" with way too many mice on one day. Wanna have new pictures of them again. u_u



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