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Well... that's about everything I own of Tales of Vesperia, I think.... minus the Doujin I forgot to put on the table.... but really... you can't even completely see all the doujins that are put on there XD"
Hrn... the table is big... Maybe I'll put them all on it... see if they fit or not.

It's all I currently own, I think... even though there is far more available but hard to get... and expensive... *sigh*

But look who arrived as well X3

Now I can finally make some pictures I have thought about.

But that first picture was something I wanted to do for a while. Just needed to wait for Flynn and the Raven mobilephone strap. X3
Both arrived this week~
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I've got a package today~

Weeeeee~ Took it long enough to get here DX Since [livejournal.com profile] sailorriceball had send it here on Friday. Why took it so looooong DX???



Do I only use this journal for pictures? Dear me... )

On another side note... I didn't get my new apartment keys today DX Because the janitor found some stuff that hadn't been renovated like he wanted it too... *sniffl* Wanted to move there on the weekend too with the help of my parents... that's bitter... hopefully they can renovate it in time.
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Finally! My other Tales of Vesperia figure-set arrived!

Actually, that had been last week, but since I have been home (where it's bad with the internet without a real computer) and had to get it from [livejournal.com profile] sailorriceball first, I'm writing about it now. Had other stuff to do or not to do^^;

Laziness is talking there.

At least I made pictures before driving back here. Heh.

It's not even the only stuff I got.... but anyway~

There~ My second set and I really got everyone~

It's always because of more images... )
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Back to the randomness of this journal... one could say. Anyway~

I didn't get myself anything till now. Good, right? Bought way too much last month anyway and that's not good. *sigh*

Even though its late, but these little creatures are from the Connichi in September:

Cute, right? And certainly something to cuddle.
I and all these images... )
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Alright... I want some a little... happier entries here... the last ones weren't really that nice u-u So...

I'll just post some more Vesperia stuff~ Since the other package finally arrived *cough*


I bought a new doujin! First I thought it's First Strike as manga, but in the end it's another Doujin-Anthology playing in the First Strike timeline, not that I'm complaining X3 It's actually pretty funny again and soooo much cuddly baby-Repede X3

Cut because of pictures again, of course~ )
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Yesterday I got the package my mother promised me, with books I forgot at home when I was on facation. I totally love those Doujinshi-Chronicles of Tales of Vesperia. X3 They are quite funny, even without understand and have some nice arts in it too!

Actually... most of the artists have nice art, in their own way. Either really good or cutely chibi. X3

It's not something specific with pairings either. If there is a pairing it's more like only implied and than reither cutely too. These are more on the funny side anyway.

But really... what would anyone think by this picture?

Who is he thinking about?

Cut because of some more hilarious pictures~ )
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Did anyone ever tell you, that advertisements from certain electronic shops, are evil? Well... If not, then I'll tell you. They are evil, completely and utter evil.

Cut, because of pictureees~ )
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Actually. We got it on Wednesday, after driving way too often to the customs duty office ==; And that just because we weren't fast enough on Tuesday and they stopped working before their time was even finished!

We were in a traffic jam and I tried calling them 15 minutes before the time of them working should be over... do you think anyone got on the phone?

No... no... they didn't...

We were 20 minutes too late as we arrived there. Then... on their sign were the times:


I was like ô~ô= and went inside... but in the end we didn't get the package.. because they only give the packages out till 17:00! How dumb is that?!?! Stopping way before their time and than this junk?



In the end, we went there the next day as well.. after all.. we wanted the package!

And we got it too... =*~*= Not even paying that much... I was relieved.

Now. What was in that package you ask?

Well... even if you don't ask, I'll tell you anyway~

It was a lot! (And that reminds me I should go to ebay and be nice to the seller~)

And I'm NOT obsessed! )


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